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I just got back from my first trip to Mexico and it was a magical experience! My friend Nitika and I were invited by The Beloved Hotels in Playa Mujeres to experience Wellness Week. Wellness Week is an invigorating wellness journey (a journey into yourself). The Beloved Playa Mujeres has created an amazing program with different activities throughout the week. I loved getting to slow down, recharge, connect with amazing people, and experience a taste of Mexican culture.

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From the moment I arrived, I could feel all the love and thoughtfulness that went into every detail. I’m still trying to take in everything that happened. It was a packed week full of many beautiful one-of-a-kind activities and experiences. Below are some of my favorite moments.

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We started every morning at the Le Bisou Resturant where we enjoyed the breakfast buffet. Every morning they had different classic Mexican breakfast options as well as traditional American breakfast items. I am a rice and beans type of gal so I was excited to get to eat traditional Mexican items every morning. They also had a fresh juice bar with about 10 different options – so delicious. I need my coffee 1st thing in the morning and their almond milk lattes are some of the best I’ve ever had.

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Every evening we got to experience a different theme night with delicious food. The first night was Asian night. Hello, sake cocktails! Not only were the cocktails delicious, but they were also beautiful. We also enjoyed some incredible sushi, dragon dance, and circus show. It was the perfect way to start the week!

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One of my intentions this year is to try to make some of my own beauty products so I was really excited when I saw they were offering a make your own spa products class. It was really fun to learn about the different herbs, essential oils, and see who easy it is to make your own products at home. We made lotion and bath salts/scrub. One of the spa therapists even shared a homemade rose water recipe to help with my rosacea. I can’t wait to try it out and make my own rose water!

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I love getting to be creative and try new things, but I have always believed that I can’t paint so I was a little nervous to go to the painting class. This ended up being one of my favorite activities and the best part is that I have a painting of Frieda Kahlo that I painted. Plus I have a memory from the trip hanging on my wall. I definitely proved myself wrong. I can paint! Of course, we got a little guidance and help from the teachers, but it was fun to see how everyone made the painting their own and added their unique artistic touch.

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We participated in a traditional Mayan butterfly release ceremony and made wishes. This was my favorite activity of Wellness Week! It was beautiful and it moved me deeply. As part of the ritual, we called in the four elements and Nitika and I got to set an intention for group for the element of Air. Nitika’s intention was body love and mine was presence. We then got to release our butterfly and it was magical to watch her fly off!

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On the last day, we got to experience the spa. This was by far the best spa experience I’ve ever had. The details and thoughtfulness that we had experienced throughout the week were even more present during the spa experience. We started with their signature Hydrotherapy Ritual. This was an hour-long guided ritual, devoted to improving health through the healing properties or water. There is an element of surprise in this ritual that I really enjoyed. The ritual features thermic contrasts, multi-level pressures, a detoxifying Hammam, a stimulating Sauna, a comforting Caldarium, and wellness showers. After the Hydrotherapy Ritual, we got to experience an 80 minute Mayan Shamanic healing & grounding massage. The massage therapist explained the whole process before starting and shared that she would be using warm basil and mint oils, hot stones, plants, and end with a crystal chakra balance. I walked out of my massage like a new woman and was escorted to a lounge room where Nitika was lying on a coach with the same blissed-out face. I laid on the couch next to her with the coziest blanket and enjoyed chocolate cover strawberries and tea. We could have stayed there all night, but we had to go get ready for the final evening festivities.

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The final night was all about celebrating Mexican culture. The festivities included Mexican fair games and the lucky bird, a margarita tasting, folklore Mexican dances, mariachi, and of course an incredible Mexican dinner. It was the perfect way to end Wellness Week. We got to spend some time with the amazing staff and connect with some new friends we made during the week. It was bittersweet to have to say goodbye to everyone at the end of the night, but I am grateful to have had this amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back for another Wellness Week!

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One of the most memorable parts is the level of hospitality. I fell in love with everyone I met. The people are kind, warm, and made us feel at home. The staff knew our names and everywhere we went they addressed us as Senorita Chopra and Senorita Sacasa. My friend Nititka has a bunch of food allergies and sensitivities. All the staff was aware and they were accommodating to her needs. They even made special dishes and desserts that she could enjoy.

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Beloved Playa Mujeres is an adults-only all-inclusive 5-star luxury boutique hotel featuring an exquisite choice of suites, a spa, fitness center, a variety of fine dining options on the property. They offer Wellness Week 3 times a year. The next Wellness Week is in August and you can find out more information here.






This trip and post is sponsored by Beloved Playa Mujeres. Opinions are entirely my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

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